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Please find below an outline of the different modules for the Qualifying, Objection Handling, and Closing Techniques program.
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How we learn

Before we get into each module description, let’s look into how we learn. I know you believe you know how we learn already. However, bear with me for just a minute.

If all you needed to do, to learn, was read books, or watch videos, or listen to tapes, then why is the coaching industry in the USA alone generating about $9 billion per year in revenue?(Source – IBISWorld).

And why do we go to school for at least 12 years, and in some cases over 30 years for advanced degrees? Why not simply read all we need to know, or simply watch and listen?

The reason is that you can read all you want (and watch videos and listen to tapes) – and I certainly encourage reading and watching and listening as often as you can – but we all need someone to tell us where we went wrong and how to correct it.

Because no matter how good we are at a skill, we will inevitably forget at least some of it. And when we do, we need someone to help us get back on track.

And if we don’t know that skill in the first place, then the fastest and most expedient way to learn that skill is through coaching and the right repetition.

And we also learn through our peers. As we see others perform, we can emulate their performance, and learn that way too. The best way to do that is in a coaching situation, and especially with role plays.

Now, for less than $100, (This price is $100 less than I have ever sold it, and $100 less than it was just 3 months ago), you can get a great coaching and learning experience about how to sell, and how to generate more business for you and your company.

And of course, the more business you generate, the more money you make, and the more you can live your personal dreams.

I’m not going to try and convince you. That’s up to you, if you want to get better at your profession, and therefore enjoy life the way you want to.

But where else can you get constant feedback – not only from me, but from your peers too?

Only with coaching with a small group!

And since you are in with people in a similar learning situation to you, there will be no judgement about the fact you don’t know this or that about selling.

We are all in this together, to make you a better sales and marketing person.

And for you to realize your dreams, about what you will do with all of that extra money you will earn.

So sign up now, the first module begins on Monday May 4th.

Plus, don’t forget; if you’re not absolutely satisfied, I’ll give you a full refund.
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Why these 3 factors are important

These three factors are really life skills as much as sales skills.

They are really just negotiating skills.

When you are having a discussion with anyone – your business or life partner, your best friend, your parents, or your children – you need to qualify with them what the discussion is about, and whether it is worthwhile even discussing.

That is qualifying in or out – getting to NO before you get to YES.

Then you need to clarify each point that is raised to ensure you both understand it – handling objections.

And of course you have to agree what the next steps are – closing the conversation.

So you see these are all life skills, not simply sales skills.

And of course, where you really need these skills is when you are having a discussion with your teenage children. 🙂

That is why you need to have these skills down pat.

They are not only sales skills, but life skills.

So sign up below right now, before it is too late, because the program will start on Monday, and you need to be registered before then to take part.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.
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The Program

Please read on to learn more about each module.

Each module will be available on Monday morning at about 10 am EST. And on the Thursday of that week we will have a Q&A/Coaching session to answer all questions.

So sign up now, as Module 1 begins on Next Monday May 4th.

All modules will also have a worksheet after each one to help you ingrain the right methodology for each skill.

Module 1 – Qualifying

• The GAIM plan –Stops you wasting your time on the wrong people and wrong companies.
• Why you need to get to NO before you get to YES. How this will save you much heartache, and weeks of time.
• Why understanding ISSUES is not the first thing you want to know from a prospect. How this will put you a way ahead of your competitors.
• The first question you need to ask yourself early in the qualifying process.
• What important question to ask, to ensure you are talking to the key decision maker. Stops you wasting your time with gatekeepers.
• BANT – Why you still need to know this.
• And much more…

Module 2 – Handling Objections

• The five most common objections you will get, and how to answer each one of them, so you keep the conversation going
• How to overcome the price question, and even stop it before it is asked.
• 5 important questions to ask before you get any objections. The best phrase to help you understand an objection.
• And much more…

Module 3 – Closing Techniques

• 6 reasons why you haven’t closed yet.
• 5 questions that can lead to a quick close
• How to listen better to close more. This little trick will help close more by showing your prospect you are listening.
• Stupid and old closing tactics you should not use. These will usually kill a B2B sale.
• And much more…

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