Below are Questions that all B2B marketers and sales people face. Most questions are answered in a video, and some as an article. All of the videos are between 2 and 7 minutes long.

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1. Do you have a formal marketing plan?
2. What is the best method for achieving your goals?
3. What percentage of revenue do you spend on marketing and sales?
4. What market is best for your products & services?
5. What is your ideal client company?
6. Who is your ideal client persona?
7. What’s the best reason for a client to do business with you?
8. What’s the worst reason for a prospect not to do business with you?
9. What’s your best client success story?
10. What keeps your ideal client’s CEO awake at night?
11. How does your ideal client’s CEO resolve issues now?
12. What is your Unique Value Proposition?
13. How do you develop a real differentiating unique value proposition?
14. How do you market to your ideal client – what is your message?
15. What are the best marketing processes for B2B marketing?
16. Why is B2B marketing so important vs sales today Part 1?
17. Why is online marketing so important in today’s B2B business world Part 2?
18. How does your website attract and convert visitors?
19. What is the most popular page on your website?
20. What online platforms do you use and why?
21. What is the best platform for your business?
22. Why you need a blog
23. How do you get your prospects attention?
24. How do you move prospects through the sales funnel?
25. Do marketing and sales work together?
26. What are the biggest issues between the marketing & sales?
27. How do you increase marketing productivity?
28. What training has each of your marketers had?
29. How do you measure the success of your marketers?
30. What incentives are in place for your marketers?
31. Do you use an agency for marketing, or do it in-house?
32. How often does your CEO meet with your clients?
33. How often do your marketers meet with your clients?
34. What questions do your marketers get most often from clients and prospects?
35. Why can’t my sales people sell?
36. Why can’t my sales people sell-Part 2?
37. Why can’t my sales people sell-Part 3?
38. How do you pay your sales and marketing people?
39. What Training & Coaching have your sales people had?
40. Do you have a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)?
41. What responsibilities does your CRO have?
42. How often do you survey your clients?
43. How do you define a major client?
44. Are you familiar with the B2B buying process?
45. Why is the B2B buying process (sales cycle) is so long?
46. Who are the influencers in a B2B buying cycle?
47. Should you use advertising to promote your B2B business?
48. Is PPC advertising good for B2B lead generation?
49. Is PPC advertising good for B2B lead generation Part 2?
50. Do your marketing materials fit into the B2B buying process?
51. What type of content would your market like to read about?
52. Do you know why B2B companies buy?
53. What can you show your prospects for free, to get business?
54. What is your worst client type?
55. Is there conventional wisdom in your industry that is wrong?
56. What is the foundation for B2B business success?
57. What are the biggest objections you get?
58. How does your team overcome these objections?
59. How well do you listen to overcome objections?
60. How do you keep Attracting Prospects?
61. Does outbound B2B marketing still work?
62. How much is a client worth to your company?
63. Why is your website your best marketer?
64. What does your website need to be effective?
65. How does your website get found?
66. Biggest B2B Marketing Mistake B2B Companies Make?
67. Biggest B2B Marketing Mistake-Part 2
68. Biggest B2B Marketing Mistake-Part 3
69. In B2B sales, is the hunter role dead?
70. Does your B2B marketing include Social Proof?
71. Does your B2B marketing include testimonials that sell?
72. How have B2B marketing and sales changed over the past 5 years?
73. Why do B2B marketing and sales people fail?
74. In B2B, who should you hire first – sales or marketers?
75. Get & Retain B2B Clients through better B2B marketing?
76. How-are-b2b-marketing-phil-mickelson-alike?
77. Who Makes The Buying Decisions in a B2B Sale?
78. Who Makes The Buying Decisions in a B2B Sale? Part 2
79. Who Makes The Buying Decisions in a B2B Sale? Part 3
80. Who Makes The Buying Decisions in a B2B Sale? Part 4
81. As a B2B marketing company, should you answer RFP’s?
82. Do you have a dream?
83. Why does b2b lead generation fail?
84. Should B2B marketing include social media?
85. Is your company’s marketing more like Blackberry or IBM?
86. Are your clients trying to beat you up over your fees?
87. What do Hockey Fights and B2B Marketing Have in Common?

I’m getting closer to the 101 mark. let me know what your questions are, so I can answer them for you.

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