When was the last time you;

  1. Asked your clients why they bought from your company?
  2. Showed them the value you are bringing them with your products and/or services?
  3. Asked your clients if you are still delivering the value you promised?
  4. Offered them other products/services you and/or your business partners have?
  5. Ran a planning session for your clients?
  6. Took the CXO out for dinner with his/her spouse/partner?
  7. Introduced the CXO to someone that could help his/her business?
  8. Had a lunch and learn for your clients?
  9. Asked for a referral?
  10. Offered a referral?
  11. Sent your clients an article that you believe they would be interested in, and you do this at least 2-4 times a month?
  12. Took the CXO to an event that he/she would find useful for his/her business development
  13. Built relationships between your strategic account team and the different influencers in your strategic clients?
  14. Ensured your CEO had lunch with the appropriate CXO of all of your Strategic Accounts, at least twice per year?
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