b2b content marketingEngaging B2B content marketing is content that your target audience wants to read, watch or listen to, that helps them get closer to their goals. It is content that shows them how to resolve issues, answers their questions, and shows them easier ways to do their job.

So who can help your company build all of this content?

The biggest mistake is telling one or two people in your organization that they are responsible for producing ALL of the content for your blog, white papers, videos, etc. More than likely, they then feel that they are the ones that have to actually write the articles, be in the videos, etc.

And of course, if this happens, then your entire company loses.

You need to involve as many people as possible in content creation.

The first person that needs to take responsibility is the CEO or COO, depending on the size of your company. I don’t mean this person has to write the articles or be in the videos, although that would help, if it is at least a few times per year.

I mean this person has to take responsibility that it happens. Obviously it can be delegated to a department head. But the CEO or COO needs to monitor that it does happen.

So, who can, and should, write the articles, produce the videos, create the white papers, etc.?

Almost anyone; especially the people who have customer contact. These can include your sales people, marketers, customer service, etc. And depending upon what your business is, it can also include anyone in the field. It can include repair people, delivery people, etc. anyone who talks to, or has any interface with your customers and prospects.

Now, if you have a fairly small company, then of course you probably don’t have all of these people. But a majority of your company then will probably interface, one way or another, with your customers and/or prospects.

The person in charge of content creation can then speak with them and interview them about questions customers and prospects ask.

You can also get content from your technical and operations people, because they are usually answering the questions so your products and services meet customer needs.

And of course, don’t forget your best source of content creation – your customers. You should be interviewing them for case studies and testimonials anyway. And these, of course, are the best content you can produce.

Be creative. Almost anyone in your company can contribute to the content creation process. So involve as many people as you can.

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