b2b content marketingWhat is all this fuss about content marketing? You already have a website, showing everything you sell. Why do you have to keep adding to it?

Well, as you know, in order to get people to visit your website, which now is your business address, you need some way to drive them there. It is becoming clearer that the way to do this is through engaging content.

You can no longer have a static website. These are the old websites we used to have. They were basically brochures, and nothing was ever added to them after you put it up on the web. Google now wants a dynamic site, in order to allow your prospects and clients to find you. This means new content needs to be added on a regular basis.

Now that brings up the question; “What in the world is engaging content?”

Engaging content is content that your target audience wants to read, watch or listen to, that helps them get closer to their goals. It is content that shows them how to resolve issues, answers their questions, and shows them easier ways to do their job.

So, over the next few blog posts, I am going to answer how you can get engaging content for your site, with ideas you can implement, and the factors that can make you go astray.

Accordingly, I have put together, in my opinion, 15 reasons B2B content marketing fails. Other than the first reason, these reasons are in no particular order, because they all help to make your content marketing fail, unless you stop doing all 15 reasons. And of course, in order to be successful, you need to do the opposite of the reason, which is also explained in each article.

I have listed 15 reasons why b2b content marketing fails, and I will tackle the first reason today.

Reason #1. No strategy

How many times have you heard this? You need to have a strategy, or a plan in place before you should proceed with anything in your business. And how many times have you not listened?

You need to have a content strategy. This strategy doesn’t need to be overly complicated. It can be quite simple. There are only a few things you need to get started in your content strategy.

You need to;

a. Understand what topics you are going to write about. Don’t worry, I get into this later, because there really is only one major topic that you should focus on.
b. Figure out how often you are going to produce content. You should produce at least one piece of content a week. And if possible, twice a week. If you have a big enough company, you should look at producing at least one piece of content per day.
c. Write out a content production timetable. Get a calendar out and write down what days you are going to produce content. You don’t necessarily need the full topics right now, but at least some general outline of what they will be.
d. Figure out how to vary your content choices. By this I mean what types of content will you use? Will it be strictly written articles, or will you also use video. And if you use video, what types of video will you use. Will it be a PowerPoint with voice over? Will it be full production video? And what about audio? Will you start a Podcast, or what will you use? If you are just starting out, I suggest you stick with article writing right now.
e. Figure out who will be responsible for the content. You need to have someone in charge, like a CCO; Chief Content Officer. I will get into this later. It could be someone inside your company, depending on the size of your marketing department, or possibly an agency you have hired to help generate content.
f. The most important thing is that your CEO needs to be on board with content creation, and understand its importance, no matter what size your company is. Therefore, he/she can ensure the content gets produced.

That’s all you need for today. Make your content strategy simple, and easy to understand. BUT you need to have a content strategy.

I will carry on next time with some of the other 14 reasons I believe B2B content marketing fails.

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Ian DaintyIan Dainty
Author of the Forthcoming Book – B2B Marketing – The New Paradigm
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  • Since I am in a mainly B2B business, I was intrigued by your topic! I have to agree that having a strategy before getting into social media is crucial.

    I will be sharing your article as I think many in the B2B niche could use the advice!

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