15 Reasons B2B Content Marketing Fails – #11 Not Using Analytics

content marketing analyticsAnother reason B2B content marketing fails is because you are not using analytics to measure your marketing.

I am not an analytics expert, by any means, but if you are not measuring your marketing, then how do you know if it is working.

So then the questions arise; “What should you measure in your marketing, and what tools should you use?

And these are two very good questions.

You should, if possible, measure everything you do in your marketing.

The simplest analytics tool you need to use is Google Analytics. I use Google Analytics every day to see what pages and blog posts are being read by my audience.

By knowing which blog posts and pages are most popular, I can then use this information to write articles, and produce videos and audios on further discussing this topic.

You should also be checking to see what downloads are most popular. This will then allow you to write further documents about these topics. Obviously, when people download your articles, white papers, reports, etc, you are collecting their contact information, so you can start an email communication with these people.

You can also use other tools that will give you more in-depth information.

Because Google does not give you the keywords people find you with any more, unless you use Google Adwords, you can sign up for an AdWords account, and get this information. You must use Adwords to get this information.

There are other software tools that also help you get this information. I use a product called Market Samurai to get this information. Wordtracker is also a good product for this.

Other products that will give good metrics on keywords and who is visiting your website are Hubspot, Eloqua and Pardot.

So, you need to be using tools to measure your marketing. That way, you can adjust your marketing until it works better.

However, you can also justify your marketing, because you can show executives how marketing is contributing to sales and the bottom line.

So utilize all of the analytics you can afford. That way you will know what is working and what you need to do to keep your audience engaged to become clients.

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