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Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

15 Reasons B2B Content Marketing Fails – #15 Not centralizing the control of your content

b2b Content MarketingThe final reason B2B content marketing fails is not centralizing the control of your content for your website and blog. This falls in line a little bit with reasons #1 and #4. However it differs in that you need to utilize a central control to ensure your content is controlled.

What do I mean by controlled?

Your B2B content needs to have certain factors that make it consistent for your readers. These factors include;
1. Your entire company realizes that content creation is a key part of your business strategy, and that every department must contribute. This can only happen if the CEO buys into this fact, and is the driver behind content marketing.
2. Your content is grammatically correct.
3. Your content should follow themes. As an example, your R&D department might write a number of articles about what they do and how they listen to different stakeholders to develop the R&D strategy. All of these articles should be categorized. This should hold true for all departments.
4. You should try and keep the way you present your articles consistent. For example, perhaps you would like to have each article start off with a story. This makes it easier to read, especially for “dry” articles that may originate in R&D, finance, operations, etc.
5. You should have someone who can coach each article writer on how to develop content, and where they can get further information about their topics.
6. The person (group) that controls the content should also work with each content creator to develop different formats for content, as described in previous reasons.
7. All content should be helpful to your readers. However, sometimes you may want to write about what happens internally, or if one of your employees has an important event, like a baby birth, wedding, etc. This type of content helps your company show its human and personable side. Keep in mind that B2B companies buy from people. So, show them who your people are, what makes them good at their job, and what makes them tick.
8. A good way to develop content is to have the person who is controlling the content interview the other people. This way you get a more controlled environment for developing your company content.

Finally, if you do not have someone in-house to do this, and usually it is handled by your marketing department, then you need to outsource this function. A good content company, or agency, can help you not only get started on developing your content, but will help you avoid all 15 reasons content marketing fails.

Content marketing NEEDS to be a big part of how you present your business. So get someone, inside or outside of your company, who knows what they are doing, to at least help you get started, and keep you going on the right track.

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