15 Reasons B2B Content Marketing Fails – #5 Expecting Instant Results

content marketing 5We seem to live in an instant gratification world. And yet that isn’t the real world. You can get instant gratification if you want something simple, like an ice cream cone. You can go buy it right away, consume it, and have some instant gratification.

But real success takes time and effort; especially when you are building your business.

Why, some people will ask? Because not everyone knows you yet! And more importantly, most people aren’t ready to buy just because you want them to, or need them to.

You need to become known to them. And you need to become known as someone who is consistent, responsive, and enduring. And of course the biggest factor that contributes to B2b selling is trust.

People need to get to know your company; feel that you know what you are talking about; and then probably try you out with a small sample before they will become a long term client.

This of course takes time. And the amount of time it takes will depend on the need of each prospect.

So, what do you have to do to build this trust, and become patient with each prospect? You need to have a strategy for your content production and delivery. (See reason #1). And it needs to be long term; about the length of time you want to stay in your business.

If you do produce content that is helpful, solves people’s problems at work, and is easy to understand, then you will get clients, because you show these people two major factors.
1. You show them you are an expert in your field, and can deliver results for them.
2. You show them you care about them and their company.

So, don’t expect instant results, although it may happen. Remember you are in business for the long haul, and you will build the trust that your future clients want from you by applying these 15 factors.

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Ian DaintyIan Dainty
Author of the Forthcoming Book – B2B Marketing – The New Paradigm
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