b2b content marketingThere are many B2B marketing agencies, and even your own in-house marketing department, who will promise you more likes, clicks, comments, better content, SEO, etc. But, are these your real goals as a B2B company?

I don’t think so!

These “tactics” only work for your company, if they work towards your main goal – getting more customers.

But you know that you need all of these factors to help drive potential customers to your website and business. So, how can you combine these factors to drive more potential customers to your business?

Your company needs B2B content that will resonate with your potential customers. Too many companies simply put up content just for the sake of having content. You need more.

The first thing you have to do is take a holistic approach to your marketing. And of course that is why the first thing you need to do is set out a strategy, as discussed in The First Reason.

You need to understand The Buyer’s Journey as he/she navigates through the many factors that affect that journey.

A holistic approach also includes understanding why B2B companies buy, who is involved in the process, and what you need to demonstrate to them, in order to have them buy from your company.

This can only be done by always keeping in mind what your potential customers want from you.

They want your company to do two major things.
1. They want you to show them how they can reach their business and personal goals.
2. They want you to show them how your company can resolve the issues they have, in reaching those goals.

And that is why the CEO and COO need to be involved in deciding the strategy needed. It also says why you need a holistic/company approach to all of your marketing, especially including your content marketing, if you want it to realize your end goal – bringing in more customers.

So, whether hiring an agency, or doing your content in-house, you need to understand that your end goal is getting more customers, not simply more likes, comments, etc.

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Author of the Forthcoming Book – B2B Marketing – The New Paradigm
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