What is all this fuss about content marketing? You already have a website, showing everything you sell. Why do you have to keep adding to it?

Well, as you know, in order to get people to visit your website, which now is your business address, you need some way to drive them there. And you just can’t use the old “brochureware” any more. It has become very clear that the way to get people to stay on your website is through engaging content.

You can no longer have a static website. These are the old websites we used to have. They were basically brochures, and nothing was ever added to them after you put it up on the web. Google now wants a dynamic site, in order to allow your prospects and clients to find you. This means new content needs to be added on a regular basis.

Now that brings up the question; “What in the world is engaging content?”

Engaging content is content that your target audience wants to read, watch or listen to, that helps them get closer to their goals. It is content that shows them how to resolve issues, answers their questions, and shows them easier ways to do their job.

Accordingly, I have put together 15 Reasons B2B Content Marketing Fails. Other than the first reason, these reasons are in no particular order, because they all help to make your content marketing fail, unless you stop doing all 15 reasons.

And of course, in order to be successful, you need to do the opposite of the reason, which is also explained in each reason.

In order to get the full details on each reason, please download the complete report.