Overcoming the major B2B Sales issue


Probably the most common issue B2B sales people face is learning how to talk to and qualify CXO’s.

And over my 40+ years in B2B sales and marketing, as a salesman, marketer and business owner, and now a trainer and coach, I have been exposed to a great variety of strategies, tools, techniques, systems, and tactics about how to talk to and qualify CXO’s.

A few years ago I worked with a number of world class B2B sellers and marketers, who were all senior executives in major B2B companies, as well as some business owners, and we put together a “Tool Box” of the strategies and techniques to help us, and our clients, become world class B2B sellers and marketers.

I have not made these strategies and techniques public before, except to my clients.

And I am fairly sure you haven’t seen these strategies and techniques either, because I haven’t seen anyone talk about them before.

But these strategies and techniques do work, and they will raise you above your competition, because there is an excellent chance they aren’t using them, because they don’t know them.

As you know, the world of B2B selling and marketing has become more and more complex, and since we haven’t done business together before, I want to show how you, and your company, can become world class sellers and marketers, by using these techniques.

Free Webinar on Friday

On Friday September 28th, at noon EST, I am running a free webinar to introduce three of these techniques to you. I am pretty sure you haven’t seen these 3 techniques before, but they are very powerful tools for talking to CXO’s, and driving business your way.

As you know, from all of the research that has come out lately, your prospects and clients want you to show them why you are different, and therefore why they should buy from you.

These CXO’s also want you to collaborate with them, and give them new ideas that they haven’t seen or heard of before.

These 3 tried and true B2B sales and marketing methodologies will do exactly that. They will help you truly differentiate you and your company, from other B2B sales people and their companies. They will show your prospects how you are different, and allow you to show your prospects why they should buy from you.

The three techniques I will show you are;
1. The GAIM Plan – How to interview executives in 4 easy steps.
2. Goals & Issue Decomposition – How to tie client goals & issues to your products & services.
3. Relationship Funnel – A quantitative method for measuring relationships value and growth.

These three methods will help you demonstrate your value to your prospects, as well as differentiate you from your competitors. That’s what busy executives want to hear about and do.

These three techniques will give you practical knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

Plus, my clients receive a 25% to 100% increase in revenue in one year, and usually 3 to 5 times revenue increases in three to five years.

Because these are proprietary methodologies, I will not be making them public. You need to register and show up for the webinar to know what they are.

There will not be a public replay. And I guarantee these three techniques will help you get more sales, or I will send $50 to your favourite charity.

You can Register for the Webinar Here.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you on the webinar.

Ian DaintyKind regards,
Ian Dainty’s Email
Author of the Book – Grow Your B2B Business With Strategic Account Management

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