ConflictMany times we confuse our work lives with our personal lives. We tend to separate the two, as if we are two different people.

You often here that you shouldn’t get too close to people at work, whether that is with your co-workers or perhaps your customers.

But it was OK to get close to someone at school, where many times the competition for marks is much greater than the competition at work.

The real key in any relationship is understanding where the other person is coming from.

And the best way to find this out is to engage them in meaningful conversation.

But in order to have a meaningful discussion with someone, you need to have the skills to move the conversation forward.

The skills you need for these discussions forward are the same skills you need to move a sales conversation to its next step.

Many people call these “soft” skills, because they aren’t the so called “hard” skills of engineering or architecture, or programming, etc.

But these are really life skills.

And the better you become at these skills, not only will your sales relationships blossom, but so will your other life relationships.

Three of these skills are;
• Qualifying – is this conversation worthwhile?
• Handling objections – in life they are sometimes called rejections,
• Closing techniques – to move on to the next step.

I have just developed three videos on each of these life/sales skills.

You can watch the videos on these skills by GOING HERE.

I have also developed a program to help you learn these life/sales skills so you too can have meaningful conversations, whether it is with your personal, business or sales colleagues.

Please GO HERE to see the program.

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