I am making a special offer for my 7 Factors for B2B Sales & Marketing Success Program because of the Covid-19 virus.

This program will help you become an expert B2B sales person, when you apply all of the knowledge you will gain from the program.

You can then expect your revenues and/or earnings to jump substantially, once you apply the knowledge you have gained from the program.

One of my client’s revenues jumped 4X his annual quota, by simply applying only a few parts of the program. And that was with only one client.

“I used some of Ian’s initial concepts, from his 7 Factors Program, and ended up closing such a large deal that it is 4X my annual quota. Yes, you read right, 4X. So I already feel like I have got my ROI back without even getting too far into your course. I can only imagine what kind of success I will experience by the end of all the modules.”
Jamie Adams – GTM Solutions Consultant – Livingston International (USA)

Normally, this program sells for $2,000.00. But, I want to ensure you get this program, because it will help you enormously, both right now as you work remotely, but especially when you return to normal.


Many people will ask why I am not giving this program away for free, and that is a very good question. I’ve always believed that if you don’t pay for something, you don’t find it valuable. You may start the program, but very few, if any people will finish the program, because you may not be incentivized to finish, because of other distractions. We all make excuses!

This is a sophisticated program, which takes work on your part to participate and finish. But I know that when you apply what you will learn in this program, your earnings will grow.

I also give you a guarantee. If you don’t feel the program is for you, you can quit the program after the second module, and I will return all your money. And you still get to keep the first two modules. (See the full guarantee below)

Also, the program usually sells for $2,000.00. So, you are getting more than an 80% discount off the normal price. Plus, if you don’t have the $397 right now, you can purchase the program in 3 monthly payments.

The 7 Factors for B2B Sales & Marketing Success

There are 7 factors that contribute to B2B sales growth. And my program is about these 7 factors, and how you use all of these 7 factors together, to create your B2B sales and marketing strategy.

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A Special Offer for You!

Because you realize that B2B sales & marketing are very sophisticated processes, I want to give you a methodology to simplify these processes for you, as well as a special offer.


By joining this program, you will receive the following results.

• In Module 1, you will learn how to focus in on your best prospects so you don’t waste your time on prospects that won’t buy from you.
• In Module 2 you will learn how and why prospects buy, and who influences each B2B sale so you can adapt your presentation and qualifying, to the right people at the right time, to close more sales.
Module 3 takes you through the Marketing aspects of B2B and lets you know the types of marketing elements B2B buyers look for, and allows you to drive those marketing elements home to them, so you can spend your time on the best B2B prospects for your business.
• In Module 4 you will learn the best sales techniques for qualifying and closing potential clients. You will then be better at achieving and exceeding your quota every year.
Module 5 is about Strategic Account Management (SAM). By understanding SAM, you will know how to get more sales from your existing clients more often, and with better results.
• In Module 6, you will learn the PARC processes – Planning, Analytics, Research and Coaching. These processes are essential for you to become a star. By using these processes properly, you will sell more, and make your clients advocates of your company.
• In Module 7, you will learn how to manage all of the people in your company, who should and will have contact with your clients. You will also learn how each of these people should work with your in each of your clients, to draw more sales from each client.

  • Bonus Module, I am going to show you a new method for building relationships with your clients and prospects. I have never seen anyone else with this method, and it will help you solidify your relationships with all of your clients especially, and also show you how to build solid relationships with your prospects. These sessions will really help you strengthen all of your business relationships, to ensure that your clients will want to stay with your company longer.


Each factor, described in the video, is a module in the program – We will spend one week on each module and cover all of the elements of each factor.

On Mondays, you will receive all of the material needed for each module. You will watch the videos, complete the templates and exercises that have been developed for each module.

On Thursday of each week, we will have a live chat session where I will answer every question you have on the module of that week.  These sessions are the thing that separates my program from almost all other online courses. All of your questions will be answered.

You can also send me emails at any time and I will respond ASAP to get you your answers.

Why Buy From Me?

“I have just completed the Maximize Business Marketing 7 week program “The 7 Factors for B2B Sales Success”, and I highly recommend it to all B2B sales people and business owners and executives needing sales success. The course clearly draws on Ian’s extensive practical experience in B2B sales, and I particularly valued the opportunity to ask questions related to my own business during the weekly coaching sessions.”
Bronwyn Reid – Founder of Mining For Business (Australia)

As I am sure you are aware, there are many programs out there that could possibly help you get started, and possibly even bring you some short term results.

This program is based on my 40+ years in the B2B world, both as a salesman and marketer, but also as a business owner, and now a B2B coach. I have been successful at starting, growing and selling two B2B businesses.

I know how training and coaching makes you excellent at what you do, because I have been training and coaching B2B sales people, marketers and executives for over 25 years, and have attained excellent results for my clients.

All my clients have received at least a 25% increase in revenues in one year over their predicted revenues, and many of them got a 100% increase in revenues in one year with their clients.

I have been where you are. I know what you are going through, and I have put these programs together because I have seen what doesn’t work, and more importantly, what does work.


Here is what two of my other clients say about me and my programs

“I took Ian’s 7 Factors B2B coaching program and found it to be quite useful in improving my knowledge of B2B sales. The program is an effective and a quick way for a B2B marketer to acquire insider knowledge of enterprise selling and its nuances.
Ian delivers tremendous value through this program by including marketing concepts, and several customer relationship models and perspectives based on his rich professional and entrepreneurial experience.
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to ramp up on B2B sales and marketing in a few weeks, instead of the years it usually takes”

Vikram Raghavachari – Multi-skilled Senior B2B Marketer (India)

“Ian Dainty provides information worth MILLIONS! His knowledge of B2B sales, and the processes he has developed, should be required courses in every business school! Whether a large corporation, small to mid-size business or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you have to listen to what Ian has to say!”
Linda Sherwin – Performance Improvement Expert – Amazon Best Seller (Canada)


GuaranteeI also guarantee my work.

If you feel the program was a total waste of time, please let me know no later than after the second module, and I will return all of your fees. And you still get to keep all of the materials up to that point.

Obviously you won’t get any more of the valuable materials. But if you honestly believe the program is not delivering what you need, then just email me and I will send you a full refund.

BTW, nobody has ever asked for refund, but it is there if you honestly feel this program is not for you.

How the Training & Coaching Works

During the eight modules of training & coaching, you will receive one module per week, in the form of videos, worksheets, templates, etc. You will then complete the exercises that allow you to progress through the entire training.

You get to keep the videos, templates and the worksheets for constant review. Any questions you have can be sent to me via email, at any time.

I will also be running a Q&A session every Thursday, after each module, to answer any questions. And no matter where you live in the world, I will set up a time that is convenient for you.

The next module will be sent to you every Monday.

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The program lasts seven weeks, one week for each module.

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I look forward to “meeting” you on the program.

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