b2b sales influencerHere’s the problem.

Sophisticated B2B clients pervade the market. B2B Sales teams have long felt the pinch of heightened competition and price wars, but the rapid rise of client sophistication brings new complications, as B2B sales people and marketers strive to stay connected in real time.

Salesforce.com released a report on the State of Sales for 2018. They interviewed 2,372 B2B global sales leaders in nine western nations.

The top 3 B2B Sales Challenges for 2018 are;

1. Increased market competition – 58%
2. Clients seeking the lowest possible price – 55%
3. Clients’ needs have become more sophisticated – 47%

As you can see, everyone is feeling the pinch, and the need to recognize how B2B clients buy is increasing significantly.

So how do you overcome these issues?

B2B vendors need to know how to accommodate these buyers, and realize that the buying process is imperative to know and understand.

Understanding who influences the B2B buying process is of utmost importance in B2B sales.

Interestingly, one of my most popular webinars is Who Makes the B2B Buying Decisions – The Five B2B Buyer Influencers.

Since this webinar is so popular, and also very important, as confirmed by Salesforce.com’s report, I am going to do a free live training webinar, and dig much deeper into each of these B2B Buyer Influencers.

And as you know, the Fall season is a huge buying season for B2B companies. So, you need to know who is influencing your sale, and how to deal with each of these buyer influencers.

This, of course, is a free training, and I am going to hold it on Friday August 24th 2018, at noon EDT.

If you, or anyone on your sales and marketing team wants to learn exactly what criteria motivates the decisions of the five buyer influencers, and who exactly these influencers are, then you and/or they can REGISTER HERE for the webinar.

I look forward to “meeting” you on this free training and answering all of your questions about how B2B buyers select their vendors and partners.

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