What sets Maximize Business Marketing apart?

There are three major factors that set us apart.
1. Everyone has an in-depth knowledge of each of their functional areas, and how these functions help grow a business.
2. Everyone has been successful at helping to build businesses, including their own business and many clients’ businesses.
3. Ian Dainty, the CEO, has been working in sales and marketing for 40+ years, and has built three businesses from the ground up. His success, with helping other businesses, starts with the goals each business owner wants to achieve, and setting the marketing and sales strategies from there. Ian realizes that the Internet and all of its platforms are just tools. The real value comes from integrating these tools with the goals the owners/executives want from their business.

History and Mission

Maximize Business Marketing was formed by Ian Dainty to assist B2B companies, in particular, to help them build their business in this new Internet, connected world.

With his 40+ years of experience in B2B sales and marketing, including owning, operating, growing and successfully selling two B2B companies, Ian saw a huge change in the way B2B companies must market and sell their products and services, just in the past couple of years.

No longer can a sales rep be the marketing and sales department for a B2B company. In today’s Internet world, over 80% of B2B buyers find the products and services they need, through online searches, long before these B2B vendors even know they are looking.

The buying (selling) process has been flipped. Now the buyers have all of the power and knowledge. If you want to just be in the game these days, you need to have an active website that needs these ten key factors for your business.

Inbound marketing is a must-have for all B2B companies. You must understand each of your prosect’s and client’s Buying Cycle. Your sales cycle is no longer relevant. In actual fact, it really never was relevant. However, you can influence your prospect’s buying process by using the right marketing and sales techniques. That is what we help you do.

Our MISSION is to help you grow, with the best B2B sales and marketing strategies for your business, so that they mesh with the way your prospects and clients buy.

If you are struggling with lead generation, or growing your current client base, please contact Ian personally at Ian Dainty’s Email

We want to leave you with one question. “Is YOUR company ready to Maximize its Business Marketing

Thank you and we look forward to serving you, and helping you grow your business.

Ian Dainty’s Bio

my picIan Dainty is the CEO of Maximize Business Marketing. Ian has 40+ years’ experience in B2B marketing & sales. Ian started his business career at IBM in 1974, in the large systems division. He has owned, operated and sold two successful businesses in the technology field…. Read more about Ian