Here is a tragedy that happens to almost all companies with B2B clients.

66% of clients switch companies because of poor service (Accenture)

Most companies start ignoring their B2B clients as soon as they become clients, except to possibly send them an invoice once a month.

They don’t do it on purpose, but their sales people have new client quotas to reach, and they won’t get their commissions if they spend too much time with the clients they have already sold.

Do you know if your B2B clients are already talking to the competition?

If you’re ignoring your clients, they will soon become past clients.

I have developed 12 questions, that you can answer in less than 5 minutes, to let you know if you are ignoring your B2B clients or not.

Answer these questions honestly, so you can see if any of your accounts are not only strategic, but to ensure they they won’t become past clients in the near future.


When was the last time you;

1. Asked your B2B clients if you are delivering the value you promised?

2. Showed them the value you are bringing them with your products and/or services?

3. Ran a planning session for your best clients?

4. Took the CXO out for dinner with his/her partner?

5. Introduced the CXO to someone that could help his/her business?

6. Had a lunch and learn for your clients?

7. Asked for a referral?

8. Offered them other products/services you and/or your partners have?

9. Sent your clients an article that you believe they would be interested in, and you do this at least 2-4 times a month?

10. Took the CXO to an event that he/she would find useful for his/her business development?

11. Built relationships between your strategic account team and the different influencers in your strategic clients?

12. Ensured your CEO had lunch with the CEO of all of your Strategic Accounts, at least twice per year?

Your Answers Are Important – Here’s Why

If you answered in a negative way (meaning you’ve ignored them for more than six months) to five or more of these questions, then that account is not strategic to you, and they could be working with a competitor right now, and you won’t know it, until it’s too late, and you get that dreaded phone call to say they are leaving for the competition.

These questions are just a few of the ways you need to work with your major accounts, to ensure they remain your clients, and allow you to grow these accounts, so that you can become strategic with them, if that is what you want.

By becoming strategic with your B2B clients, you will automatically eliminate the competition, as these accounts realize they cannot grow without your support and your products and services.

Contact me today for immediate help, so you don’t start losing your B2B clients

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