Helping Clients Increase Revenue,
Over 25% Every Year.


Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year


Selling to other businesses, whether large, medium, or even small can be a daunting task. You need strategies that work in today’s Internet age. As a business coach and marketing coach, specializing in B2B marketing and sales strategies and techniques, we can help you grow your business 10% to 100% more than you projected, within one year.

Below is an outline of the services we offer. Please click on the graphic, or the heading, to see the details of each service.


In B2B, I like to use the word client instead of customer. It helps to avoid the cumbersome phrase “customers and/or clients”.

Also, there is a massive difference in the meaning of the two words.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a client as: one that is under the protection of another.

Webster’s also defines a customer as: one that purchases a commodity or service.

As you can see from these definitions, there is a substantial difference in the way a person, or a business that does business with you, should be treated.

Even if these people are called customers in your marketplace or industry, always think of them as clients, and under your protection.


You will notice that there are no prices on any of the services. There are two reasons for this.

1. We want to ensure we can help you first. The Services listed below are simply a start to get us talking about your business. Once we understand how you want to grow, then we can give you all of the details about how we can help you, and the fees that go along with our participation.

2. Some of our clients want us to share in their growth, and we are happy to do that. We always guarantee our work to your satisfaction. However, we are also happy to take a smaller retainer for sharing in the revenue growth we help you generate.

So please contact us, and let’s talk about your growth plans, and how we can work together to get you there, and then some.



Strategic B2B Marketing Plan

The first thing you need to do, to be successful, is to build a STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN. Here is the outline I will follow to help you build that plan, so that you can then develop your complete marketing processes from it.

Click on the graphic to the left to see a complete description of the STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN.



Strategic Account Management - SAM
If you are a B2B company with Strategic Clients, and you have accepted that you have a priority need for a better way to:
•Improve your approach to your strategic accounts.
•Urgently accelerate revenue and profitability growth from these clients.
•Improve the stability of your relationships with your Strategic Clients.
•Embed a standard system for Strategic Account Management.

Then our SAM system could be exactly what you want.

Click on the graphic above to see a complete description of the SAM service.


B2B Coaching

Coaching has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Why? Because business leaders realize that they can’t do it all themselves! They also realize that they can’t hire all of the expertise they need.

So smart business leaders turn to coaches to help them, and particularly their staff, to not only get up to speed quickly, but to keep growing.

The business world has been turned upside down since the Internet has become so ubiquitous in everything we do. This is especially true for sales and marketing.


Marketing Services

B2B Marketing services

Our marketing services are all inclusive so you can grow and meet your revenue targets at the pace you deem best for your business.

Our marketing services include behavior-based marketing, ROI reporting, marketing cost analysis and more. Click on the graphic to the left to see a complete description of the service.



Marketing Infrastructure

Marketing Infrastructure

Your marketing infrastructure is the development of all the necessary Internet and social media platforms and profiles you need in today’s connected world to build your business. It is also the set-up of the necessary services to maintain and grow these platforms and your business.
Click on the graphic to the left to see a complete description of the service.

Let us help you navigate through the new sales and marketing world, and help you grow your business like never before.

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