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Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

How should B2B sales and marketing people be paid?

b2b sales payHow to pay B2B sales people is always a challenge for all organizations. Likewise, because B2B marketing people are now being asked to be responsible for revenue generation, albeit indirectly, their pay structure also has to be adjusted.

And following on from three previous articles about “Why can’t B2B sales people sell”, paying sales and marketing people properly helps solve some of these issues.

There is an old saying; “What gets paid, gets done”. So, depending on where you want your focus, you need to pay for the right outcomes.

In the following video, I go through a number of scenarios on how to pay B2B sales and marketing people.

Please watch the video for ideas on paying these two very important positions in your company. This video is an excerpt from a previous video I published about 18 month ago.

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