Selling SkillsI often hear many B2B sales people, and business owners, tell me that all they have to do is get in front of a prospect, and they usually get the work.

And yet, according to CSO Insights, 41.8% of sales people missed their quotas last year.

And after interviewing 24 CIO’s recently about the biggest deciding factor for choosing a company to work with, they tell me it is the account executive, or sales person they will be dealing with.

So, there seems to be a major disconnect in what business owners, and sales and marketers say, and what actually materializes.

Why is this happening?

I believe it happens for two reasons.

1. Not all sales people should be selling. They simply aren’t cut out to be sales people.
2. Many, of the sales and marketing people, and business owners, I meet, DO NOT have the skills to be good at their profession.

There are three basic skills that all sales and marketing people, and business owners, need to master, before they can really become proficient at sales and marketing.

These three skills are

1. Qualifying prospects,
2. Handling objections,
3. Closing each encounter.

As such, I have put together a five part program, including learning these three skills, to help anyone with client-facing duties, whether sales people, marketers, business owners or executives.

This program will help anyone who could benefit from knowing these essential skills.

The program is available to buy now, so please GO HERE to see the program, and how anyone in your company with client-facing responsibilities can profit from knowing these skills.

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