Helping Clients Increae Revenue,
Over 25% Every Year.


Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

A special Christmas message for You!

Because this is Christmas time, and 2016 is almost over, we all reflect on the past year, and we look ahead to 2017. For your reflection, I have put together […]

What percentage of revenue should B2B companies spend on marketing and sales?

This is a great question, and one that many B2B companies struggle with, and has become even more relevant since the Corona virus hit the world. Please watch the video, […]

Why do you need a B2B marketing plan?

Every company needs a strategic business marketing plan. If your company does not have one, then you need to ensure that your business marketing plan gets started right away, and […]

What do your vacation and your business have in common….hopefully?

If you said nothing, then perhaps you’re not doing either one right! Remember the last time you finally got a vacation, and you couldn’t wait to go there. If you’re […]

McKinsey report shows many B2B companies talk past their customers.

McKinsey’s research found that B2B business customers, like consumers, engage with companies through search, online communities, and Web-based video, so these are potentially powerful tools for delivering B2B brand messages […]

In B2B sales, is the “hunter” role dead?

GO HERE NOW to get your free copy of my book; Why Can’t My Sales People Sell. I believe the hunter role has changed significantly, and may become extinct in […]


Do you ever get up in the morning dreading the day? Dreading the day because you haven’t reached your revenue goal this month, and you have five days left, and […]

Why you need a B2B Strategic marketing plan

Before you do anything else before the New Year, you need to sit down with your executive team, especially your sales and marketing team, and devise a marketing plan for […]