Brexit And Your Company – What Happens Now?


BrexitAs I’m sure you are aware, the United Kingdom has voted in favour of Brexit.

What effect could Brexit have on your business?

Brexit means that there will be a lot of turmoil in the UK, for the European Union, and probably for the rest of the world, as each party finds a way to work out the details of the UK leaving the EU.

But more importantly for you, what will Brexit mean to your business?

Brexit could affect you, whether you are a business owner, executive, business developer or marketer.

If your business is in Canada, the USA, Australia, etc., and you only sell locally, it may not have any effect.

But I wouldn’t be too sure of that either.

If you do business in the UK or the EU, or both, Brexit could have a dramatic effect on your company going forward.

I believe the Brexit vote, and its consequences, will have far reaching effects on every country and business, especially if you sell internationally, but even if you sell nationally; IE: just within your own country.

According to many so called experts, the Brexit vote could have global effects for all businesses and governments, especially economically and with the stock markets.

Look what happened on Friday June 24th when stock markets worldwide plunged dramatically, and the British Pound sunk to its lowest level vs the USD in over 30 years.

I believe that the important thing for any business owner, president, CEO, and anyone who has client responsibility, is to ensure that all of your current clients are secure with you as their supplier and partner.

How Will Brexit Affect Your Relationship with Your Clients?

Brexit has proved that the British government didn’t even know what was happening in their own backyard.

Therefore, do you know what is happening in your backyard? IE: with your own clients?

Now this doesn’t mean phoning them up and asking if they still like your products/services, or if they plan to leave.

What it does, however, is give you the opportunity to help secure your clients for a long time.

And most B2B companies do a terrible job at managing their current client base, and really DO NOT understand if their clients are going to stay with them, even over the short term.

Many B2B companies ignore their current clients to their detriment, and because of the global impact of the Brexit vote, this is an excellent time to secure and even grow your current clients.

So, how do you do you grow and secure your current clients?

I have developed a system that will help you secure and grow your current clients, regardless if you think you have only have one product and/or service to sell them.

Now, obviously this system will work whether you believe the Brexit vote will affect you or not.

But since we are half-way through 2016, this is an excellent time for you to review your current accounts, and see how you can be assured that they are going to be with you for the long haul, and aren’t contemplating, even as you read this, going to a competitor.

The two best ways to get new business are;
1. Sell more to your current clients, as you have built a certain amount of trust with them,
2. With referrals from your current clients.

The real key here is how do you actually get more business from your current accounts, especially if;
1. You only have one product or service, and
2. You really aren’t too sure of the best way to ask for referrals (this is an art to this).

Let me show you how, with a system I have developed that guarantees you more business, and a stronger relationship, with your current clients.

This is also a good time to review your sales and marketing programs, because the summer becomes a slower time for B2B buyers, and so will give you some time to refresh and gear up for the fall, as well as securing better relationships with your current clients.

Send me an email through my signature below, and let’s set up a convenient time where I can show you how to build more security, and a better relationship with your current clients, by offering them more services and products, and then I’ll show you how to properly go after new clients.

Ian DaintyKind regards,
Ian Dainty
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