Selling SkillsSo picture this. You’re sitting in front of a new prospect.

After some brief introductions, he asks you to tell him about your company and what you sell.

You can’t believe it. This guy has just asked the question you were hoping he would ask.

So you jump right in, and start listing all of your products and services, and how wonderful all of your clients think they are.

You rave on for about ten minutes.

You notice he starts looking at his watch.

You figure you better hurry up and tell him some more quickly, before your time runs out, as you had told him initially that all you wanted was 20 minutes of his time.

Next thing you know, he thanks you very much, and tells you he has another meeting.

You ask him if he’s interested in any of your products and services, and he tells you he’ll get back to you.

And you never hear from him again.

What went wrong?

This may sound like a ridiculous scenario to you, if you’ve been in selling for a few years.

But varying versions of this situation happen every business day around the world, no matter how long you’ve been selling.

If you’re having trouble getting past the first or second interview, I have some good news for you.

There are three basic skills that all sales and marketing people, and business owners, need to master before they can really become proficient at sales and marketing.

These three skills are

1. Qualifying prospects,
2. Handling objections,
3. Closing each encounter.

As such, I’ve put together a series of three videos about each of these skills, and I am inviting you to watch them.

To watch the videos, GO HERE

Please also invite anyone in your company you believe could benefit from knowing these essential skills.

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