b2b decision makerAre you having trouble getting to the Decision Maker in your accounts? And even if you get to see him/her, are you getting any further than the first meeting?

Do you want to know how and why the Decision Maker will choose you over all of your competitors, so you can close more sales?

Then this TRAINING WEBINAR is for you.

I’m going to show you how to get the Decision Maker to choose you, without being shut out by gatekeepers, even if you failed miserably at this in the past.


• Learn 5 different ways that you can help the Decision Maker choose you over your competitors.
• Discover how to talk to the Decision Maker so that you come away with his her/her respect, and with his/her door always open to you.
• Understand how to ensure the Decision Maker has something to do before you meet again. This keeps the conversation moving forward.
• Most importantly, you will be able to close more deals faster; usually within a month after your first meeting with the Decision Maker.
• Bonus: How to get to YES or NO within 15 minutes of a sales meeting, so you don’t chase companies that don’t want to buy right now.
• How one attendee closed 4X his annual quota from one call, by using this bonus information.
• Self-Assessment: Learn the answer to this often asked question – Do you think you should talk about ROI on your first visit with the Decision Maker?
• Remember, people who take action generate multiple times the sales that procrastinators do. So take action RIGHT NOW and sign up for this webinar.
• Also, people who Invest in themselves are always happier and much richer in many ways, but especially financially, then those people that do not invest in themselves.
• Additional for this Training: learn the three traits you need to have in order to ENGAGE with a CXO at his/her level. This is KEY.

You will learn how to get to the Decision Maker in any account, without being shut out by gatekeepers, even if you failed miserably at this in the past.

GO HERE to sign up for this free training.
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