Most B2B companies ignore the easiest business they can deliver to their company.

The problem I see, all the time, is that very few B2B companies drive the most business they can, out of their existing accounts.

The real mistake is that you can drive more business out of existing accounts, because they already trust your company.

And you can drive more business out of your existing accounts, even if you only sell one product or service right now.

Let me show you how.

And this is the easiest and fastest business you can get.

Since we haven’t talked, I am unsure whether this is a problem with your business, and whether you want to find a way to build your current client base more than it is now.

You should, because it is the easiest and most effective way to grow your business, and of course your shareholder value.

It also allows you to laser focus your marketing and sales efforts into the best prospects for your company, because now you know how and why these companies bought from you.

By focusing initially on your current accounts, you will gain more business from new accounts, because your sales and marketing efforts won’t waste time with companies that won’t buy from your company.

Let me show you how to do that.

If you do want to learn more about how to drive more business out of your existing accounts, and grow them into Strategic Accounts, let’s set up a time to discuss how this can be done with your current accounts.

Let me show you how to turn “named clients” into Strategic Accounts.

By converting some of your named clients to Strategic Accounts, you will then get a number of benefits from them.

1. You will become their only vendor for your services and products.
2. You will get higher fees/revenues from these accounts.
3. They will make you part of their business planning process, so you will know what they want to accomplish, and direct them how you can help them get there.

On order to find out how to drive more business out of your current clients, I have just finished a short (22 pages) eBook about Strategic Account Management (SAM).

See how you can drive more business faster and more effectively, by selling more to your current clients.

Please contact me through my email or phone in my signature below, and you can also DOWNLOAD THE eBOOK HERE.
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