Helping Clients Increase Revenue,
Over 25% Every Year.


Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

How to get 10 new B2B leads in 20 days – New webinar.

b2b leadsFirst off, happy New Year. I hope 2018 is a joyful and successful year for you, your family and your business.

Of course, everyone wants success, and as you probably know, there are only four ways to grow your revenues.
1. Get new clients.
2. Get more new business from existing clients.
3. Raise your fees/prices.
4. Buy another company.

All the research I’ve done over the past few years, which includes tens of thousands of companies, has shown that the two most important goals for any B2B company, sales person and marketer are;
1. Getting more new clients.
2. Generating more new business from existing clients.

And since is the beginning of a new year, everyone is looking for better ways to achieve these two ways of getting new business as soon as possible.

However, it also seems that most sales people struggle at both of these goals. This is also revealed by research that states only around 55% of B2B sales people make quota every year.

That’s why I am running this webinar for you.

I’m going to show you how to get 10 new B2B leads, within 20 days, even if you believe you’ve tried every B2B lead generation strategy “in the book”.

Here is what you will learn on this webinar.
• How to generate these 10 new leads within 20 days,
• Your best sources for generating leads,
• How to use these sources to help you get new leads,
• Who you need to talk to for the best leads,
• How to talk to the best people for leads,
• What you need to do to get these new leads interested in your company’s products and services,
• Plus much more, including three bonuses to help you grow your business.

You can REGISTER HERE for the webinar.

Also, here’s a question I want you to answer, before you attend the webinar – Do you believe cold calling is still an effective way to drive new leads and business?

I’ll give you the answer on the webinar. You might be surprised by the answer.

Also, please understand that this an event. I believe you will find it very special. Otherwise, why would I ask you to attend live. You will not waste your time on this webinar.

I want you treat it like a seminar, where you have to go somewhere to attend it. Obviously, that means you attend the seminar “live”.

But the good news is, you don’t have to leave the place where your computer is.

And if you live in the US or Canada, that’s great news because of all of the freezing weather we’ve all been having.

You can REGISTER HERE for the webinar.

There are two reasons for needing to attend live.
1. There will be no direct replay, so you have to attend this webinar live to get the knowledge you will need, to help you get those 10 leads in 15 days.
2. Only those people, live on the webinar, will receive the bonus strategies and techniques I am will giving you. See those bonuses below.

I also want you to get there on time for two reasons.
1. I will start right on time.
2. I am going to show you, as soon as we start the webinar, a secret that has helped me and my clients generate better leads more effectively.

Bonuses for Registering & Attending the Webinar

1. As soon as you register for the webinar, you’ll receive an Action Guide, via email, detailing how to define your Ideal Client.

2. The second bonus will be delivered right at the start of the webinar. It is a technique that will show you how to get to the Decision Maker much faster.

3. As a special bonus, at the end of the webinar, I’m going to teach you the most effective interview technique for qualifying potential new clients.

Here is what Jamie Adams, one of the attendees at a similar webinar of mine said.

“Ian, shortly after attending your webinar, I used that concept you taught us at the end of the webinar, and I ended up closing such a large deal that it is 4x my annual quota. Yes, you read right, 4x. And all I used was that concept you taught us on the webinar”

The webinar will take place on Wednesday January 10th 2018, at 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can REGISTER HERE for the webinar.

Thanks, and I look forward to “meeting” you on the webinar.

Ian DaintyKind regards,
Ian Dainty
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Author of the Book – Grow Your B2B Business With Strategic Account Management

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