getting into the C suiteAre you stuck with trying to please gatekeepers or procurement about price?

Are you having trouble getting past gatekeepers because you aren’t sure how to go around and above them?

And you not making the income you feel you deserve and want because your losing too much to your competitors?

If any of this strikes a chord with you, then read on because there is a better way.

In order to get higher fees, you need to get past gatekeepers and into the ‘C’ suite.

You need to be talking to the highest CXO that will make the final decision on products and services like your company delivers.


You cannot get into the ‘C’ suite without knowing what that particular CXO wants and needs in order to make a buying decision.

After 40+ years of selling to the ‘C’ suite, and working with thousands B2B clients, I have distilled the motives of why B2B CXO’s buy into 5 main reasons.

Once you know these reasons, then it becomes much easier and simpler to get into the ‘C’ suite in almost all B2B companies.


Because you can then talk with each CXO about the particular reasons he/she will buy.

If you are having trouble getting into the ‘C’ suite in your accounts, or have had trouble convincing a CXO that he/she should buy from you, then it is important you know all of these five reasons.

And there is one particular reason that almost all B2B sales people and marketers leave out that is the real linchpin in closing a CXO.

They leave it out because they don’t know it, or don’t know how to ask about it.

If any of this hits home to you, and you want to know how to talk to CXO’s, then you need to attend the webinar I am running on Thursday October 20th at 1pm EDT.

The webinar is all about “Why B2B CXO’s Buy”


We will discuss all 5 reasons, and I will also show you a sure-fire method for drawing out these 5 reasons.

This methodology has never been taught anywhere else.

You will not find anyone else teaching it because I am the one who invented and developed it.

If you want to close more business, so you can get the income you deserve and want, then you need to be on this webinar.


Register now so you can turn around your close rates and get the income you want and deserve.


I look forward to meeting you on the webinar.
Ian DaintyKind regards,
Ian Dainty
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