How & Why B2B CEO’s Buy.

I am running a free webinar, How & Why B2B CEO’s Buy, on Thursday June 21 at noon EDT.

This webinar is for anyone who wants to get better results than they are getting now.

Specifically, it is for anyone who has client-facing responsibility in your company, especially executives, sales people, marketers and consultants.

Most research has shown that the buyer’s journey is not linear, and in many cases has nothing to do with what most vendor companies sales’ funnels look like.

This is a major reason that only about 50% of B2B sales people make quota.

However, there are certain reasons that B2B CXO’s buy, and most executives, sales people and marketers generally do not know what these reasons are.

And since the CEO usually makes the final decision in a B2B sale, it is a good idea to know how and why CEO’s make these decisions.

Also, a B2B CEO’s decision making process affects everyone who has input into that decision.

My own research, plus 40+ years experience in B2B, as a salesman, B2B business owner, and sales coach, has taught me that there are 6 reasons B2B CXO’s buy.

B2B CEO’s want you to demonstrate to them one or more of these benefits;

1. Improved Performance
2. More Opportunities
3. Competitive Advantage
4. Risk Mitigation
5. Personal Wins
6. Buyer Engagement

All of these topics are covered in the webinar, plus a few bonus topics that will help all client-facing people sell more effectively.

And no matter in what order your prospects and clients decide to buy, every B2B buyer uses one or more of these reasons in their buying process and journey.

So, for all B2B executives, sales people, marketers, and consultants, I am running a training webinar, on Thursday June 21 at noon EDT, to help all client-facing personnel understand these reasons, so they can sell better, and close more sales.

You can register for this webinar by going here.

Please pass this email on to everyone you believe will benefit from knowing and understanding these very important benefits and topics.

It will help everyone with any client-facing responsibility understand better how to sell to your clients and prospects, and more importantly, get you more sales.

Register for this webinar by going here.

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