my picIan Dainty is the CEO of Maximize Business Marketing. Ian has over 40 years’ experience in B2B marketing & sales. Ian started his career at IBM, in the large systems division, in 1974.

After leaving IBM, Ian owned, operated and sold two successful businesses in the technology field.

For the past 20+ years, Ian has been working with B2B companies, helping them increase their revenue by 25% to 100% over forecasts, through better marketing and sales strategies and techniques.

With the advent of the Internet, and all of its many platforms for reaching people, Ian has become a student, researcher, advocate, coach and mentor, helping companies use these tools wisely, as well as more traditional marketing and sales strategies, to help B2B companies grow.

Ian has an excellent grasp of B2B marketing capabilities, through the use of content on websites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, PPC, and YouTube.

Ian also has 20+ years of B2B training and coaching experience. He has trained and coached thousands of sales people, marketers, executives and business owners in how to sell their products and services.

Ian has developed, through his years of experience, and also through extensive research and interviews, along with help from over a dozen B2B senior sales VP’s, and CEO’s, a methodology for growing your current accounts. The methodology is Strategic Account Management or SAM. It is taught to you and your team through extensive training and coaching.

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You can contact Ian at any time, at no charge, to ask any questions you may have about your marketing & sales.

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What others say about Ian’s work.

testimonials-2“Ian helped Firmwater with a number of sales and marketing issues over several years. He personally coached / trained two different sales people, helped us turn an ineffective Google AdWords campaign, that only generated 4 to 5 leads per month before Ian started with us, into a campaign that consistently generates 30 to 40 leads per month, and provided direction to move us from being a technically focused company with a few clients to one that is more sales focused and with a more diverse revenue stream. I highly recommend Ian if you are struggling with sales and marketing issues and looking for some guidance to kick start your business.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value-Rich Williams | President of Firmwater

testimonials-1“I spent several coaching sessions with Ian on B2B marketing and the use of social media to market my business. Ian’s knowledge has made a great difference in how I understand using the internet and LinkedIn to improve my marketing efforts to lead to more sales. For me, being actively coached has made it much easier to learn how to use social media, and actually retain the information that Ian shared with me.”

-Jerry Deroo | CEO at JDP Computer Systems Inc.

testimonials-3“I hired Ian to perform a marketing assessment for my software business. The work he provided was thorough, insightful and invaluable in helping me make key strategic decisions. Ian was a pleasure to work with and I am planning on hiring Ian for coaching services in the future.”

-Frank Calabretta | Founder & General Manager Inc.