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Marketing Infrastructure

A proven B2B Marketing methodology & resources

Your Marketing Infrastructure.

Your marketing infrastructure is the development of all the necessary Internet and social media platforms and profiles you need in today’s connected world to build your business.

It is also the set-up of the necessary services to maintain and grow these platforms and your business.

Below is the Infrastructure we develop for you.

Website Development & Optimization

  • Complete Website Development
  • Creation of Content & Artwork
  • Built on WordPress
  • Mobile-Friendly / Responsive
  • 100% On-Page Optimized to Best Practices
  • All Website Pages

Blog Development & Migration of Blog Articles

  • Creation & Optimization
  • Migration of Blog Content

Social Media

  • Creation & Optimization of all Social Media Profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook
  • Creation of all Social Media Profile Artwork

Visual Content Creation

  • Basic Graphics, Infographics, Memes, and Other Shareable Content
  • Video Production for Maximum Effect

Premium Content

  • Repurpose/Optimize Existing Content
  • Creation of White papers, EBooks, Videos, Slideshows, etc.

Landing Pages

  • Creation of Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Content Creation
  • Development of Smart Forms
  • Thank You Pages

Calls to Action (CTA’S)

  • CTA Design and Creation
  • Implementation of CTA’s into Website

Contacts / Contact Database Setup

  • Import Contact List
  • Creation of Custom Fields
  • Setup of Custom Contact Views

Marketing Automation

  • Creation of Auto-Responders for all Landing Pages
  • Setup of Initial Segmented Lists
  • Initial Setup of Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Setup & ongoing monitoring of everything, with the right metrics for your business

Lead Scoring

  • Initial Setup of Lead Scoring
  • Metrics Setup & ongoing monitoring of everything


  • Personalized & Team Training
  • Complete Training for your entire Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Ongoing Coaching for all team members

Account Management

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Weekly Strategy Development Calls
  • Coaching on Strategic Account Management

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