B2B Marketing Services

The most important thing about B2B marketing is that it must support the sales effort. B2B marketing and sales must be integrated in order to obtain the maximum results from both

We help your company integrate both functions, so that you get maximum results from your B2B marketing and sales efforts.

With that in mind, below are the marketing services we can implement for your company.

We focus on four main marketing factors for your business growth;
1. Your website becomes your best marketing platform, there are ten factors that your website needs, to be relevant in today’s connected world;
2. Your content conveys all of your products and services, and you need to have continuous updated content through your company blog to engage and keep visitors on your site;
3. You are connected with the necessary social media platforms that make a B2B business get noticed.
4. We constantly monitor all of your marketing programs with solid metrics, to show you the effectiveness of your marketing, and adjust where needed.

After we do a thorough review with you, of your business, along with your goals and requirements, we can then give you an exact quote for your initial and ongoing marketing services.

Here is a list of the services we can provide.

• Senior level account management
• Detailed 12-Month Marketing Strategy
• Positioning Strategy
• Regular Consultative Calls (Daily)
• Technical Support & Training
• Routine Keyword Analysis
• Up to 4-5 Blog Articles per Week
• Regular Email Marketing (Several per week)
• Creation of new offers monthly
• Creation and Implementation of Smart CTA’s
• Visual Content Creation & Marketing
• Prospect & Lead Intelligence
• Smart Contact List Segmentation
• CRM Integration
• Social Media Marketing, Scheduling, Training & Analytics
• Routine Creation of Landing Pages (A/B Testing)
• On-Page SEO Monitoring
• Off-Page SEO (Link Building & Local SEO)
• Ecommerce Management (if Needed)
• Regular Competitive Analysis
• Video Marketing
• Press Release Marketing
• PPC Campaign Management
• Quality Lead Identification Statement
• Creation of Buyer Personas
• Advanced Lead Nurturing
• Custom Reporting

Please contact me with any questions, and how and when you want to get started.
Ian Dainty
Kind regards,
Ian Dainty
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