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Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

McKinsey report shows many B2B companies talk past their customers.

McKinsey’s research found that B2B business customers, like consumers, engage with companies through search, online communities, and Web-based video, so these are potentially powerful tools for delivering B2B brand messages and amplifying their impact.

However, they also found a potential stumbling block, though: a marked apparent divergence between the core messages companies communicate about their brands, and the characteristics their customers value most.

McKinsey developed a list of 13 themes and topic areas that companies use to position their brands. They then reviewed the public documents of the companies to verify how many of their brand messages were clearly linked to the 13 themes.

They found some astonishing results. Three of the themes didn’t appear at all.

The research also found some astonishing disconnects between what customers perceive as important, and what the vendors perceived as important.

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