Helping Clients Increase Revenue,
Over 25% Every Year.


Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

Why you need a B2B Strategic marketing plan

Before you do anything else before the New Year, you need to sit down with your executive team, especially your sales and marketing team, and devise a marketing plan for the year. It doesn’t have to be air tight, but it needs to be a marketing roadmap for your company to follow, throughout next year.

In fact, the best time to do your Marketing Plan is in November, because it always takes a couple of months to get everything up and running. And that way, you will hit the road running in the New Year, insteed of the usual two months later. Use those two months now!

You should also use an independent facilitator to run and administer the marketing plan for you and your team. An independent facilitator will ensure that every voice is heard, and that you cover all of the bases for a complete plan.

Watch the video to see why a marketing plan is so important to your business, and see many of the steps you need to make your marketing plan effective.

If you want further information on how to get your marketing plan started, contact me through either of the listings below, or go here to see what is needed for a solid marketing plan. B2B Strategic Marketing Plan

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