Helping B2B companies increase their revenues by at least 25% every year. 

Meet & exceed your revenue goals every year.

Get more new clients & Increase revenues at current clients

Increase your market value.

Coaching – Individual & Team

The coaching is based on my program, The 7 Factors for B2B Sales & Marketing Success.

Please GO HERE to see an overview of the program. The coaching comes in two forms.

  • 1. You can take the program, which takes six weeks, so you have time to really learn the information, and all of the coaching that goes with it.
  • 2. I give individual and group coaching to sales people and sales teams, based on your company needs. This coaching  can run anywhere from two months to two years depending on your needs, the number of people, and how much experience each participant has.

My coaching helps you build better B2B relationships with your clients and prospects, because relationships are your real differentiators! The coaching you get is based on my 40+ years as a B2B salesman, business owner, and as a B2B business coach for the last 25 years, as well as all of the B2B Sales executives and business owners I have collaborated with over the past 25 years.

The Sales Masters Club

The The Sales Masters Club is a membership that will guide you towards becoming a professional B2B Sales person and marketer.

Please GO HERE to see what the The Sales Masters Club is all about, and how you can join, and the results you will get by joining. When you join, you will learn how to  become a professional at B2B sales and marketing, so you can increase your revenues 25% or more year after year.

Please email me for details, to discuss your needs.

Ian Dainty
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Here is what one of my Clients had to say…

Ian Dainty & Introduction to Maximize Business Marketing

“Ian helped Firmwater consistently generate 30 to 40 leads per month, up from only 4 to 5 leads per month before Ian started consulting with us. We have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any business to help them increase their revenues and client base significantly over a short period of time.”

-Rich Williams | President – Firmwater Inc.