If you ever watched any of the old “godfather” movies, they used to use the phrase; “I want to give you an offer you can’t refuse!”

Now, I’d like to make you an offer that will be very difficult to refuse, especially if you want to succeed far beyond what you are doing now in B2B sales.

My offer has a different connotation than how the godfather’s people used it, but the results you get can be exceptional.

At this time of year, with the pandemic still looming large, many B2B sales people and executives, perhaps like you, are still behind their YTD revenue numbers.

If you are one of those people, or you are simply someone who always wants to learn and grow, then let me show you how you can make your numbers this year, and every year. And also exceed those numbers on a regular basis.

I have developed a questioning technique that will help you discover immediately whether you will make a sale when you are talking to decision makers.

It is called the GAIM Plan.

Here is what my client, Jamie Adams, had to say about The GAIM Plan;
“Shortly after taking your webinar and reading some of the initial documents your course provided, especially by using The GAIM Plan, I used these concepts and ended up closing such a large deal that it is 4X my annual quota. Yes, you read right, 4X.”

By using the GAIM Plan you will be able to know right away whether you can do business with that person or not.

You can qualify them IN or OUT simply by using this questioning technique.

And if you qualify them OUT, you will save a lot of time and effort.

When you qualify them IN, you will be able to convince them to do business with you during that conversation, if they do need your products and/or services.

Decision makers want two things from you as a business person and sales person. They want you to show them that;
1. You can help them reach their business goals and solve their issues,
2. You can give them insights into their business that they may not know about.

The GAIM Plan will allow you to do this.

The GAIM Plan is an acronym for Goals, Afflictions, Impact, and Meaning.

Here is my offer.

For only $150, I will teach you the GAIM Plan, and how it relates to your personal sales situation, so that you can close a difficult sale, or any new sale you have. Or learn that this prospect will not buy.

We will spend a ½ day together, teaching you the following;
1. Discussing your situation, and how to get in front of your main prospect CXO’,
2. Teaching you the GAIM Plan,
3. Answering any pertinent questions you have about the GAIN Plan and its implementation in your business,
4. I will give you the best method for closing any prospect.

And I also have two other bonuses for you.
1. My Guarantee – If you feel I wasted your time in the ½ hour, then I will give you your money back.
2. I will be offering my B2B sales system; The 7 Factors for B2B Sales Success shortly, and I will give you the $150 you paid for the GAIM Plan, off the price, if you decide to go forward with the entire system.

My normal fee for an hour of consulting is $300.

So you will be saving $150 on this consultation alone, and you can also receive $150 off my entire program when I offer it soon. Plus, you can have your money back if you feel you had trouble using the GAIM Plan.

See what I mean!

This should be an offer you can’t refuse.

But the offer is only open until August 2 at 12am.

So act now to reserve your seat.

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Don’t hesitate, do it NOW while there is still time left for you to close those sales to attain your revenue numbers for this year. Click the BUY NOW button below to ensure your success this year, and next year, and every year.

I look forward to helping you reach your numbers this year, and become even better at closing sales for all of your years going forward.

Ian Dainty
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Ian Dainty
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