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Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

People Skills vs Tech Skills – Are people losing their ability to communicate?

People Skills vs Tech Skills. Are people losing their ability communicate?

If you’re like me, you believe that too many people are losing the ability to communicate face to face.

It frustrates me to no end, to watch people sitting at a table, and they all have their phones out, talking to people on their phones, who aren’t even there, instead of the people who are there, sitting in front of them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is important to be able to use technology in today’s age. Technology can help us become more productive, and in many instances, it helps us save communication time. As an example, we can set up meetings without playing phone tag.

In today’s B2B sales and marketing world, it is extremely important that we use both of these skills – technology skills and people skills, to ensure success.

But you need people skills, now more than ever, to help differentiate you and your company from your competition.

And you cannot really understand what people want or mean, unless you are talking to them, because in many cases, context is lost, especially if you are texting or emailing.

So, because of this lack of face-to-face communications, especially during and after this pandemic, plus how communications have changed, I have produced a short video for you, to show you how technology and people skills should work together, for B2B sales and marketing, and why people skills are so important in today’s B2B world.

If you want to grow and succeed in today’s hyper-competitive B2B sales and marketing world, people skills are more important than ever. They help differentiate you, and your company, from your competition.

Contact me through my email below, and let me know some good times for you, to get started in bringing your sales people’ and marketers’ people skills up to date.

It won’t cost you anything, and everyone, I have talked to, always tells me they learned something important from our discussions.

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