• Cost-cutting customers.
• Hungry foreign rivals.
• Should Standard Machine Lower its bid?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Well this is the start of a case study from way back in 1988.

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) printed a case study; The Case of the Pricing Predicament.

This is a case study about a company that had a dominant position in their marketplace, Standard Machine.

Back then is when foreign companies, especially Japanese companies, started to invade the western nations with their products.

And guess what?

Their products were much less expensive than the products that the US, Canada and most of the western world countries produced.

And as history tells us, many of these products were also superior in technology, as well as many other factors.

If you have a technology product, and are trying to break into a market, or already have a position in your market, this case study is relevant for you.

Have a look at the case study. It is only three pages long, but it shows the dilemma that many companies run into with their competition, whether it is here or from abroad.

I would like to hear your solution for the problems that this company has run into.

I will then show you the solution that many of the top sales and marketers of the day posted.

I believe you’ll be very surprised about how many problems back then are so familiar today also.

Download The The Case of the Pricing Predicament.

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