Business RelationshipsWe all realize that to be successful in building your business with your clients, you need to build relationships with them.

And yet, most of us believe these relationships should be only business relationships. We should only talk to our clients about business, their issues and how we can “fix” those issues.

That certainly is the best way to start to build the relationship. Because if you don’t deliver what you promise (and even over-deliver), you probably won’t get a chance to build any kind of a personal relationship with that client.

However, when you have built that business relationship, and many times even as you are building that business relationship, you also need to build a personal relationship.

Remember, all people want to deal with people they like, especially when buying in the B2B world, because the business relationship will last a fairly long time.

That personal relationship doesn’t mean this person becomes your best friend. But it does mean listening and understanding this person from a personal perspective.

Here is a short video (under 4 minutes) about listening and some of the Rules of Relationships.

I am interested in what you think of the video, and the ideas behind it of building relationships. Please leave your comments below.

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