Why do you need a B2B marketing plan?

b2b marketing planEvery company needs a strategic business marketing plan. If your company does not have one, then you need to ensure that your business marketing plan gets started right away, and it has all of the following factors included.

Please watch the video to see what is needed and what benefits your marketing plan will do for your business.

If you haven’t done a marketing plan yet, or if you have and you haven’t updated it this year, then now is a good time to get your 2014 marketing plan done and/or updated.

If you sign up to do or renew your marketing plan before September 1 2014, then I have a special offer for you of $1,000 off.

Contact me by phone or email – see below – for further information.

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Ian Dainty
Author of the Forthcoming Book – B2B Marketing – The New Paradigm
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