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testimonials-2“Ian helped Firmwater with a number of sales and marketing issues over several years. He personally coached / trained two different sales people, helped us turn an ineffective Google AdWords campaign, that only generated 4 to 5 leads per month before Ian started with us, into a campaign that consistently generates 30 to 40 leads per month, and provided direction to move us from being a technically focused company with a few clients to one that is more sales focused and with a more diverse revenue stream. I highly recommend Ian if you are struggling with sales and marketing issues and looking for some guidance to kick start your business.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value-Rich Williams | President of Firmwater

testimonials-1“I spent several coaching sessions with Ian on B2B marketing and the use of social media to market my business. Ian’s knowledge has made a great difference in how I understand using the internet and linkedin to improve my marketing efforts to lead to more sales. For me, being actively coached has made it much easier to learn how to use social media, and actually retain the information that Ian shared with me.”

-Jerry Deroo | CEO at JDP Computer Systems Inc.

testimonials-3“I hired Ian to perform a marketing assessment for my software business. The work he provided was thorough, insightful and invaluable in helping me make key strategic decisions. Ian was a pleasure to work with and I am planning on hiring Ian for coaching services in the future.”

-Frank Calabretta | Founder & General Manager Inc.

“I would highly recommend Ian to any company requiring assistance with their executive leadership as well as sales and marketing. Ian was my partner in a “dot com” start-up. He was responsible for the development of the business plan for the new business. With this comprehensive plan, we were able to raise a significant amount of funding from angel investors. Ian’s organizational skills combined with his experience make him a perfect candidate for any company looking to improve their bottom line.”

-Bernie Chisholm | Partner Program Director, ERMS Corp.

testimonials-4“I worked with Ian on Firmwater’s marketing and sales efforts. Not only is it a pleasure to work with Ian, but his competence and expertise was evident after the first several minutes and still is months later. We started by formulating goals as well as a strategy to attain them. We are still continuously implementing our plan. He uses time tested and practical methods, which makes success inevitable. Working with him helped me and my company immensely to increase our customer base threefold in 18 months. His assistance saved us years of trial and error. Our sales are consistently growing and we only use a fraction of the time to do so.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity-Ben Schmidt | Account Manager, Firmwater

“Ian Dainty was a former partner in a small high-technology consulting firm. Ian provided the initial plan for forming the company and led the funding initiative. He was the CEO of the organization and led the efforts to sell the company, which was done with efficiency and effectiveness. Ian has a sophisticated knowledge of business processes, marketing and strategic planning. He has also accumulated experience in executive placement and this skill was helpful in generating leads and business opportunities.”

-John Fauquier | Consultant, Ernst & Young

testimonials-4“Ian is a good Marketer. He is helping me and my company benefits from it. That is the most important thing”

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

-Roel Hogendoorn | Owner at

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