When I worked for IBM, we were expected to give at least an annual review to each of our client’s senior executives. Usually, it was every six months.

The TD Bank Account Manager did a review that really resonated with the Bank’s executives.

He invited all the Bank executives, about 10 of them, including the CEO and Chairman, over to the IBM offices for a year-end review. He gave a presentation about what IBM had done for the TD Bank that year, and the benefits they had received by working with IBM.

As he was about to wind up the presentation, he said he wanted to introduce all the IBM’ers that had done any work for the Bank that year. He introduced each person by name, described what they did, and how much time each of them had spent doing TD Bank work that year.

By the end of the introductions, he had introduced 89 people from IBM.

The Bank executives were blown away. They had not realized how much work IBM did for them, and how many people were involved in giving them results.

He already had a good relationship with the Bank. This helped solidify the relationship even more.

Have you ever done a year-end review for your best clients, and shown them all that you do for them, and the value they are receiving by having you as their vendor and partner?

You obviously don’t want to lose any clients when we are locked down because of this Covid-19 Pandemic. So, these updates are to demonstrate to your clients what you have done for them, over the last 6 to 12 months, and what results/benefits they have received. If you can put these results/benefits into a monetary value, it is even more effective.

Since we’ve all been cooped up, this is a great time to demonstrate to your clients what you do for them, and the value your company brings to each of them.

A 5 Day Challenge for You

To show you how it is best done, I am running a 5-day challenge for you, to show you how to best get this information, and then demonstrate how to present it to your clients.

The program will include such important details as;
• discovering why these clients are your best clients,
• what value they have received from you, in their own words,
• how you can bring this value to your other clients,
• what they each want in the relationship, and how to best bring that to them
• plus, many more items that will show them the value they are getting from your company.
• AND the most important item is that I will be having a live Q&A session every day to answer questions. This is a $1500 value in its own right.

At the end of the program, you can share the insights you have gained with your executives and most importantly, with all your clients. You can show your clients, more clearly, the value you are bringing them, by introducing some different ideas you will have learned from your other clients.

Here is what Jamie Adams, of Livingston International, said about my program.

“Ian, thank you for your program, the 7 Factors for B2B sales & Marketing Success. I am finding value already.

Shortly after taking your first introductory webinar and reading some of the initial documents provided and reviewing your website, I used some of these initial concepts and ended up closing such a large deal that it is 4X my annual quota. Yes, you read that right, 4x my annual quota, and with just one client.

So, I already feel like I have got my ROI back, without even getting too far into your course. I can only imagine what kind of success I will experience by the end of all the modules.

Yes, I know. It is incredible. It is the first time it has happened at our company too.”

Spread the Love

At the end of the program, you can share the insights you have gained with your executives and most importantly, with all your clients. You can show your clients, more clearly, the value you are bringing them, by introducing some different ideas you will have learned from your other clients.

You can show them how and where they can use your products and services more effectively, and what else they can buy, and use, to be even more effective, and deliver more valuable results to their companies.

You can show your own executives areas where you can improve your products and services, and especially what your best clients want from your company.

After you collect all this information, you will know exactly what types of prospects will be your best prospects, and you can target them right away, to grow your business.

A New Blueprint is Needed Now

You need a blueprint to move forward in these times. My 7 factors program is such a blueprint. And it is a 7-week program.

So, what I’ve done is pull out 5 specific modules that can help you gain more business from the 10 to 12 clients you will be engaging with over this time period. It is a five-day program to help sales, marketers, client service people and executives get some rapid success.

As you know, there are no instant sales in B2B, mostly because you normally must convince several people for you to get the business.

However, because I’ve been in the B2B business for 45 years, as a salesman with IBM, as 2-time B2B business owner, as a B2B VP of sales and marketing, and now as a B2B coach, I believe you can get some faster sales from current and past clients.

You Need to “PAY” to “PAY” Attention

I’m charging $99 for this program, for 3 reasons.

1. I have found, over my lifetime, that people “pay” attention to things they have “paid” money for. We all put a value on things, especially our time. If we haven’t paid for something, we believe, at least subconsciously, that it is worth nothing, and we don’t put much thought, and especially time into it.
2. I value this program at over $10K, because this short course has the potential to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for your company, and tens of thousands to you, obviously depending on your income package, and certainly much more than you are paying for it.
3. As mentioned, there will be a live Q&A session every day to answer questions about the previous day’s assignment. A $1500 value, just by itself.

So, I want you to “pay” attention to the complete program, and that is why I am charging a nominal amount for the program.

Everyone with Client Contact Should Take this Program

I suggest everyone, that has client interaction in your company, take the program. These people will include your sales people, marketers, client service, and especially executives. If all of them take the program, that means they will all be on the same page moving forward.

And, there is always my money back guarantee. If you don’t believe this program was worth at least $99, let me know, and I will give your money back.

Here is what Rich Williams, President of Firmwater had to say about my coaching.

“The biggest benefit Ian brought was a tripling of our client base. And all of this was accomplished with a limited marketing budget.

We have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any B2B business to help them increase their revenues and client base significantly, over a short period of time.”

You can sign up for the program by clicking the BUY NOW button below.



The program starts on Monday June 8th. The time, for each live session, will depend on where you live. I will set up meetings to coincide with timeframes that suit each person.

By the way, the biggest mistake, companies make with their clients, is ignoring them, and only getting in touch by sending them an invoice every month.

This program will take care of that issue for you.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you and your team next week during the program.

Ian Dainty
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Ian Dainty
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