After 40 years of B2B sales success, I have distilled the entire process down to 9 factors that, when executed, will give you SALES AND MARKETING SUCCESS.

I use the word factors because as the dictionary defines it; “a Factor is Something That Actively Contributes to The Production of a Result”.

And of course that is what we all want – RESULTS.

The graphic shows the 9 factors.
9 B2B Success Factors

There are 5 Pillars for B2B marketing and sales success. These 5 pillars are;
1. The Basics
2. The Buying Process
3. Marketing Elements
4. Selling Elements
5. Strategic Account Management (SAM)

Each of these pillars has a number of elements involved in it that contributes to your B2B sales & marketing success.

You must understand and utilize each of the elements from each pillar to achieve B2B sales & marketing success.

Next we have 3 processes that must be combined with the 5 pillars to realize B2B sales and marketing success.

These three processes are the PAR processes;
• Planning
• Analytics
• Research

I like the word acronym PAR because as a golfer it is easy to remember.

These three processes are essential for your B2B sales & marketing success, and far too many people do not use these processes, or underutilize their capabilities.

The 5 pillars and the 3 processes all involve using many of the latest tools that are now available to measure the progress and usefulness of your B2B sales & marketing strategies and tactics.

And finally, the foundation for all of these factors is your Client Facing Team.

Depending on your products and services, and the size of your company, your client facing team can be one person or have up to five component teams. It is imperative that each of these component teams work together to achieve success.

If you interested in learning more about these 9 Factors, and what the components of each of these 9 Factors are, and how you can apply these components to your business, so you too can achieve B2B sales & marketing success, please GO HERE to learn about all of them.

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