The B2B Pricing Predicament


One of the biggest issues we all run up against is price, especially B2B pricing.

We run up against it for many reasons, but two of the biggest reasons are;
1. Lack of Value presented &
2. Competition, which includes the “status quo”.

A number of years ago the Harvard Business Review (HBR) put out an excellent article called The Case of the B2B Pricing Predicament.

It is an excellent case study because it shares the dilemma of a B2B salesman when foreign competition becomes a threat in his best account. Of course this could be any competition.

And then, after presenting the case study, HBR shares the insights of four CEO’s from such companies as IBM, and three other companies in that industry.

They discuss how they would have handled the situation.

It is incredible how relevant the story is today, and how it plays out daily in most B2B companies.

B2B Pricing Webinar

On Friday February 12th at noon EST, I am going to run a webinar, based on this case study.

During the webinar, we will discuss ideas about why this dilemma happened, and different ideas about how to solve it. Everyone can participate.

When you sign up, you will receive the case study, and we will discuss the case study during the webinar.

Sign up early so you have time to not only read, but also digest, the case study. It is only three pages long, but full of great insights, and you will probably want to read it two or three times to fully appreciate the dilemma.

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