Helping Clients Increase Revenue,
Over 25% Every Year.


Helping Clients Increase Revenue Over 25% Every Year

The most critical business issues companies face today.

I’ve produced a video for you on the most critical business issues companies face today. You can also read the transcript for the video below.

critical business issues

Below is the transcript of the video if you prefer the written word.

I recently did some research on what are the most critical business issues facing companies in today’s very unpredictable marketplace and world.

Here is a list of some of the business issues my research revealed. I’m sure you will recognize some of them as your own issues. And I’m also sure you have a few more that aren’t listed.

• Integrity.
• Cash, Borrowing, and Resource Management.
• Increased selection and competition.
• Marketing and Customer Loyalty.
• Uncertainty.
• Problem Solving and Risk Management.
• Finding the right staff.
• Globalization
• Innovation
• Government Policy & Regulation
• Technology
• Diversity
• Complexity
• Information Overload
• Supply Chains
• Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

There are two issues, I believe are down played too much, but are critical in order to become a successful business.

Two Important Business Issues

These two important business issues are;
• Marketing and Customer Loyalty.
• Finding the right staff.

I believe these two issues can help you overcome many of the other issues listed above.

Obviously these two business issues won’t overcome such problems as Government Policy & Regulation, or possibly even Globalization.

However, they can help you overcome many of the other issues, because many of them are internal issues, and some can be solved with more revenue and profits.

When the word marketing is used in a universal sense above, it always includes sales, and most times customer service too.

Using the right sales and marketing systems can help you can overcome such issues as,
• Cash, Borrowing, and Resource Management.
• Uncertainty.
• Integrity
• Problem Solving and Risk Management.
• Innovation
• Technology
• Complexity
• Etc.

Where to Start

I believe the best place to start your growth, in revenue and profits, is with your current clients.

Since you have already built a degree of trust with your current clients; by conducting analytics, research, and client interviews, you will then know who are the best prospects to go after for your company’s growth success.

BTW, I beleive you should interview your clients at least once a year. I have an in-depth interview process that will give you a complete analysis of what your clients think of your company, and therefore what you need to do to keep them as clients.

Moreover, by growing many of your current clients into “Named Accounts” and then into “Strategic Accounts”, this will help you overcome the issue of Customer Loyalty.

Also, since you have built that trust, it is much easier to grow your current clients, even if you only have one product or service you offer right now. Let me show you how to do this.

And if you have more than one product/service, then you should be offering as many as possible to each client. It is surprising how many companies find out that a client is using another vendor for products/services that company has, because they didn’t present them to that client.

This will help you get closer to becoming a Strategic Business Advisor to that client.

And when you become a Strategic Business Advisor to that client, you will get higher fees and revenues, because they will integrate you, and your company, into their business strategies for your expertise.

Also, marketing, sales and client services should all be integrated, and run, under one umbrella to maximize your business results.

I show you how to do this with my marketing and sales system.

A good place to start is by replying to this email, to set up a time to chat about your business and its issues, and how I might help you grow your business. There is no charge for this, and everyone tells me they learned something from our chat.

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