The world is under siege and what it means to your business!


World SiegeI don’t have to tell you how unstable our world is right now, both from a military/war standpoint, and an economic outlook.

Most of the civilized world is fighting terrorism from ISIL and Al Qaeda.

The Middle East is in complete turmoil through these barbaric groups and their attacks.

And now they are attacking Europe and other parts of the world – Paris (twice), Mali, etc.

Russia has invaded Ukraine, and now has taken up the fight with the Syrian butcher, Assad. And now Turkey has shot down one of Russia’s war planes for invading its air space.

And the Pope declared last week, after the Paris attacks, that we are in World War 3.

Europe is in the grips of turmoil not seen since WW2. They are being inundated with refugees, and their currency – the Euro – is under siege.

Germany is close to bankruptcy.

Once Europe’s strongest financial and economic nation, Germany has just let in close to one million refugees, and its two biggest companies, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank are close to bankruptcy.

Germany cannot withstand any more turmoil. And it is 50/50 whether it can even stand its current crisis.

And of course the rest of Europe – Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, and especially Greece are teetering on the throws of bankruptcy also.

And most western nations, especially the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia are so far in debt that nobody really sees a way out of this mess.

So, what does all of this mean to you and your business?

It means that your business could also be under siege.

It means that if your people are not completely versed, on how to get through this economic chaos, your company could well be in big trouble too.

So what can you do?

One of things you can do, especially with your sales and marketing people, is to ensure they are well versed in how to sell in this type of chaos.

And the only way they can be well versed is to ensure they know how and why B2B companies buy. They must know how to sell to your prospects and sell more to your current clients.

And yet, CSO Insights, a well-respected B2B sales research company, states that close to 50% of B2B sales people don’t make quota.

That could mean that one half of your sales people are not performing for you. And with the world in this chaotic state, things will probably get worse before they get better.

So what can you do?

You can get yourself and all sales and marketing people in your company trained right now, and for a very reasonable price point.

I am offering my program, The 9 Factors of B2B Sales & Marketing Success one last time, before the New Year, at a very reasonable price.

And not only that, I guarantee you will be satisfied.

If you, or anyone in your company, is not making quota, then you know you need to ensure your B2B skills are completely up-to-date. And you and/or your sales and marketing people need this program.

Please go here to see what the program is all about – The 9 Factors of B2B Sales & Marketing Success.

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Ian Dainty
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