With the covid crisis, and its ongoing effects on the economy, this article is even more relevant.

Most research states that all B2B companies want to grow their business by getting new clients.

However, one of the things I have found, through my own research, and 45 years of B2B experience, is that many of these B2B companies do not treat their own clients very well.

In fact, many B2B companies neglect their clients.

And yet, the easiest money you can make is with your current clients, because you have already built a degree of trust with them.

So what do B2B companies do that makes their own clients want to leave them, and how can you ensure you don’t make these same mistakes?

why b2b companies Lose ClientsYou can see that the major reason by far, 68% in fact, is that B2B clients don’t believe their vendor companies care about them. (click graphic to enlarge)

There are at least 4 major mistakes B2B companies commit that make them lose clients, and show that they don’t seem to care.

So what are these four mistakes that many B2B companies make?
1. Ignore their clients,
2. Don’t tell them what a great job they’re doing for them,
3. Don’t help them do their job better,
4. Don’t keep them informed of other offerings.

Let’s look more deeply at each inaction.

1. They ignore their clients.

Many B2B companies, once they get a client, only send them an invoice once a month, and do not contact their clients again. And they wonder why the client leaves them for someone else. You must be constantly communicating with your clients, at all levels.

2. They don’t tell their clients what a great job they are doing for them.

You have to keep in contact with your clients at all times. You need to ask your clients two important questions.
i. Why did you buy from us?
ii. Are you getting the results you wanted?

Once you ask those questions, keep reminding them of the great job you are doing by showing them the results they are still getting.

3. They don’t help their clients do their job better.

You need to keep telling your clients what your other clients are doing with your products and services, and how these clients can also do the same things to increase their results, with your products and services.

4. They don’t keep their clients informed of other offerings

You need to keep your clients informed about other offerings you may have, so that they don’t end up going to your competitors for basically the same product and/or service. I am completely baffled by how often this happens. Most times your clients won’t ask you about your other offerings, you need to keep them informed.

And these offerings don’t have to be your offerings. They can be offerings by a partner that complement your products and services.

Communicate More

These four actions are very easy things to do, and yet these reasons are why your clients leave you. You need to a better job of communicating with your clients.

If you are losing clients, or feel you aren’t doing the job you need to do to keep your clients, contact me, through my email below, and let’s have a discussion about WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW to help your clients grow with your products and services.

There is no cost for this, and everyone I talk to always tells me that they learned something new about how to grow their current clients.

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